U.S. designates a Russian white supremacist group as a terrorist organization, the first time the label has been applied to such a racially motivated movement. LA Times
VOA VIEW: A bad group.
President Trump confirmed Monday that the US Navy’s hospital ship docked in Manhattan, the USNS Comfort, will treat coronavirus cases — granting Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s request and ending hours of confusion about the ship’s status. “He [Cuomo] called me up a little while ago and asked if it would be possible to use the ship... New York Post
President Trump and Joe Biden spoke on the phone Monday after Trump questioned why Biden didn’t take his offer to call, according to reports. Trump wrote on Twitter on Monday, “what ever happened to that phone call he told the Fake News he wanted to make to me?” On Monday afternoon, the call happened, sources... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Biden has little to offer.


The Wisconsin Supreme Court put the state's presidential primary back on track, ruling on Monday that Democratic Governor Tony Evers cannot postpone in-person voting to June despite the coronavirus crisis. Rueters
VOA VIEW: Great move against a liberal Governor.
President Donald Trump said on Monday that he and others, without specifying who, would be regularly tested for the coronavirus, a pandemic disease that has killed more than 10,000 Americans and throttled the U.S. economy. Rueters
The decades-old drug that President Donald Trump has persistently promoted as a potential weapon against COVID-19 has within a matter of weeks become a standard of care in areas of the United States hit hard by the pandemic — though doctors prescribing it have no idea whether it works. Rueters
Navarro's comments come a day after reports of a heated argument during a White House coronavirus task force meeting on Saturday about the drug.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: Fauci is very questionable.
The Small Business Administration acknowledged to banks Monday in an email obtained by The Washington Times that there are frustrating flaws in its system for handling loan applications for distressed small businesses, even as the White House and lawmakers considered a second round of massive aid for companies. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: It's a mess.
Illegal immigration is down nearly 60% at the southern border amid the coronavirus crisis, Homeland Security said Monday. Officials reported arresting or encountering about 4,200 migrants who tried to enter illegally last week. That's down from about 10,000 a week before COVID-19 upended things. Washington Times


More than 10,000 people in the U.S. have died of the coronavirus as of Monday, according to Johns Hopkins University's online tool that tracks cases and deaths worldwide. The milepost comes as leading infectious disease experts and President Trump warn that the U.S. will see more deaths this week ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: It could be much higher.
Attorney General William P. Barr Monday ordered U.S. attorneys to only pursue pretrial detention for individuals charged with serious crimes or posing a flight risk to reduce the strain on federal prisons caused by the coronavirus pandemic. "We have an obligation to minimize these risks to the extent possible while ... Washington Times
A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has infected more than 1.2 million people worldwide since the first cases were detected in China back in December. ABC
VOA VIEW: The virus is open to all.
Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro is publicly pushing back against Dr. Anthony Fauci -- as Trump and Navarro tout hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 & Fauci cautions. ABC
VOA VIEW: Fauci is too negative.

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The White House coronavirus task force warns Americans to brace for a moment like 9/11 or Pearl Harbor. President Donald Trump pushes unproven antimalarial drug. ABC
VOA VIEW: It will be what will be.
Former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign is reaching out to state and local officials offering to assist with their responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. ABC
VOA VIEW: Biden has nothing to help with.
The PM has asked Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to deputise "where necessary", No 10 says. BBC


Detroit automaker joins major clothing brands in the race to quickly manufacture masks for health care workers. CBS
Demographic data on those infected or killed by coronavirus indicates that, because of underlying conditions, a higher percentage of those afflicted are African Americans. CBS
VOA VIEW: Like all other illnesses, care is mandated,
About 90% of Americans are living under stay-at-home orders — but a few governors are still resisting. CBS
A petition says postal employees carry "blood, sweat, and tears" every day at the expense of their health and time with families. CBS
VOA VIEW: They have a point.
Since assuming office in January 2017, Mr. Trump has appointed 193 judges to the federal bench, a staggering figure with few recent precedents. CBS
VOA VIEW: No question for the better.

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Thomas Modly said the captain was either "too naive or too stupid" to lead the ship if he thought an alarming memo he circulated wouldn't become public. CBS
Stocks jumped on Monday as Wall Street rebounded from a steep sell-off in the previous week. CNBC
White House trade adviser Peter Navarro on Monday said he was qualified to engage and disagree with Dr. Anthony Fauci on the use of an anti-malarial drug as a coronavirus treatment -- which is not yet proven as effective -- saying, "I'm a social scientist." CNN

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The United States passed a grim milestone Monday, as the death toll from coronavirus surpassed 10,300 and confirmed infections from COVID-19 exceeded 347,000. FOX News
Democratic Governor Tony Evers moved on Monday to postpone Wisconsin's primary election from Tuesday until June 9, citing health risks from the coronavirus pandemic, but Republicans said they would challenge the order in the state Supreme Court. Reuters
VOA VIEW: An outrage.
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a religious rights dispute brought by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington against the Washington area transit authority over its policy barring advertisements in its stations and on buses and trains on divisive issues including religion. Reuters
The economic toll of the coronavirus pandemic hit home for Americans last month, as consumers braced for job losses, anticipated spending cuts and grew more pessimistic about their ability to cover their bills, according to data released by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on Monday. Reuters
VOA VIEW: These are scary times.
North Korean activity at the China border could be restarting after a two-month shutdown. UPI
VOA VIEW: NK and China are not telling the truth.

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